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74-gun 3rd rate ship-of-the-line

  • Launched in 1782.
  • Broken up in September 1806.
  • Nelson transferred to her for a short time after the Battle of Cape St Vincent, because the Captain had been so badly damaged.

Presence at Nelson's battles:


  • 1794: Present during operations against San Domingo and the capture of Martinique. (Capt. John Henry).
  • Took troops to Port-au-Prince, with 3 other ships, 3 frigates and 3 sloops.
  • 23rd June 1795: Fought at the Battle of Ile Groix.  As she was one of the faster ships, Admiral Bridport sent her ahead with 5 others in the chase to cut off some of the rear French ships.  She stayed with Bridport's fleet until September 1795 protecting the invasion of Quiberon Bay in the north-west of France, which was a landing of troops intending to end the French Revolution and restore the French monarchy.  (Capt. Richard Grindall)
  • February 1797: Joined Admiral Jervis' Mediterranean squadron, and fought in the Battle of Cape St. Vincent.  (Capt. George Martin)
  • 26th April 1797: Together with the Emerald and commanded by Captain George Martin, she defeated 2 Spanish frigates.  The Ninfa was captured and later renamed Hamadryad, but the Santa Elena was deliberately grounded by her crew and later sank.  The British received no treasure, however, as the Spanish had given it to a fishing boat heading into Cadiz before the battle.
  • 1801-02: With the Channel Fleet.