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St George

St George

98-gun 2nd rate ship-of-the-line

  • Launched in 1785.
  • Wrecked in December 1811.
  • She was Nelson's flagship, as Vice-Admiral, prior to the Battle of Copenhagen, from Feb-March 1801.  He transferred to the Elephant for the battle, and then went back to the St George from 2nd April - June 1801.

Presence at Nelson's battles:


  • April 1793: Off Cape Finisterre, took the 20-gun French privateer General Dumourier.  (Rear-Admiral John Gell, Capt. Thomas Foley)
  • Sept 1793: Bombarded French batteries at Toulon.  (Rear-Adm John Gell, Capt. Thomas Foley)
  • 9th March 1795: Fought in the Battle of Genoa, during which Nelson in the Agamemnon captured the Ça Ira.  (Vice-Adm Sir Hyde Parker, Capt. Thomas Foley)
  • 13th July 1795: Fought at the Battle of Hyères Islands.  (Vice-Adm. Hyde Parker; Capt. Thomas Foley)  See Agamemnon for more details of the battle)
  • 18th Jan 1797: Grounded briefly and went to Lisbon to repair.  (Vice-Adm Charles Thompson; Capt. Shuldham Peard)
  • May 1797: Involved in the mutiny in the fleet blockading Cadiz.  (Vice-Adm Charles Thompson; Capt. Shuldham Peard)
  • 1799: In the Mediterranean.  (Capt. Sampson Edwards)
  • 1800: In the Channel.  (Capt. Sampson Edwards)
  • 1801: Nelson's flagship in the Baltic before and after the Battle of Copenhagen.  During the battle, she remained in Admiral Hyde Parker's division under Capt. Thomas Hardy, and so did not take an active role in the battle.
  • 24th Dec 1811: Wrecked in a gale off the west coast of Jutland (a peninsula in Denmark), along with the Defence.  All but 12 crew died, including Captain Daniel Guion.