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74-gun 3rd rate ship-of-the-line

  • Launched in March 1764.
  • Broken up in 1850.
  • Nelson was a captain's servant, then a midshipman, from May 1771 - May 1773, under his uncle Capt. Maurice Suckling.

Presence at Nelson's battles:


  • June 1795: Commanded by Capt. Erasmus Gower.  With Vice-Admiral Cornwallis' Channel Fleet.  Fought in the Battle of Groix; five British ships-of-the-line against 13 French, as well as 14 frigates.  On the 8th of June, a French convoy was chased into Brest and 8 prizes were taken.  On the 17th, the French fleet met the British and because they were so badly outnumbered, Cornwallis retreated.  But the French caught up with the slowest British ships and fired on the Mars until she was so damaged that she would have been captured, but Cornwallis had the Royal Sovereign (his flagship), and Triumph, turn around to help.  The French admiral thought that Cornwallis had seen a large British reinforcement and so ordered his ships to disengage, allowing the British to escape.
  • 11th Oct 1797: Fought at the Battle of Camperdown under Admiral Adam Duncan, commanded by Capt. Essington; 14 British ships-of-the-line against 11 Dutch.  11 enemy ships were captured, among which was the Dutch ship Wassenaar which surrendered to the Triumph.
  • Aug 1803: Joined Nelson's fleet in the Mediterranean.
  • 23rd July 1805: Fought at the Battle of Cape Finisterre (Capt. Henry Inman). 
  • 1807: Had problems with deserters while in the North American station.
  • 1813: On harbour service.
  • 1830: Became a hospital ship.


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